Full Control

Full control providing you all the information you need to stay informed.

  • Player Tracking
  • Turn On/Off App Features for Tournaments
  • Advertising
  • Messaging
  • Broadcast & Highlights
  • F&B
Player tracking

Track current position and analyze players/groups average times.

  • The Player App
  • Cart GPS Zone
  • Caddie Zone
Turn features On/Off for Tournaments

You control the allowable features on The Player App, Cart GPS Zone & Caddie Zone. Don’t rely on the player to turn them off.

  • The Green Book
  • Weather
  • A.I. Caddie

Have full control on showing full HD advertising. Broadcasts & Highlights advertising to be discussed.

  • The Player App, Golf Cart GPS Zone
  • Single high-res images or Full HD Video
Direct Messaging to Players & Staff

Easily message players & staff directly from the DPP System.

  • Contact Players through The Player App & Golf Cart GPS Zone
  • Contact staff directly through the DPP System App or text messaging setup
Broadcast & Highlights

As some Members & Guests will stay after an event varying times you have control over:

  • When early play and the actual broadcast start
  • Adjust the length of the full broadcast as you determine how long the members & guests will stay
  • Determine the length of the highlights package that follows the broadcast
  • Choose the Resorts Reel you would like to show for the remaining members
Food & Beverage

Setup your food & beverage offerings

  • Determine which items to display for the day
  • Show Special Pricing if any
  • Advertise to the players at varying times, view your statistics on which times provide the best results
Syncs with The Player App, Cart GPS Zone & Caddie Zone

The great thing with the DPP System is that you provide your members & guests with a great experience that allows you to provide information through multiple devices.

  • Admin features that sync with The Player App, Golf Cart GPS Zone & the Caddie Zone
  • Receive stats on not only play but actual individual players times
  • Offer earlier tee times to your Members who generally stay under a certain time for their round