Caddie Zone

Provide your Caddies with:

  • Visual information to share with the player
  • Relevant player information including actual club distances
  • Approach Shot details
  • The Green Book
  • The ability to record player shots
Syncs with The Player App

The Player App syncs with the Caddie Zone with a tap, all relevant player information is now in the hands of the Caddie.

  • A.I. Caddie, club distances
  • Previous shot results on each hole
  • All data at the end of the round syncs with the player’s account
Record your shots

The Caddie is able to record your shots providing the player with:

  • A TV-style Broadcast at the end of the round
  • Individual shots to share on social media
  • TV-style broadcast videos shared on club’s website via API
  • Caddie provides player with a keepsake of their round
The Approach

Courses using thePremium DPP System will be able to provide players with a view of the greens and surrounding areas for their approach shots, they will be able to see the slopes allowing for better planning.

  • Slopes of the green and surrounding areas
  • Visual to show players & explain where to land the ball
The Green Book

Courses using the Premium DPP System will be able to provide players the visual breaks of the green. Allowing the Caddie to show where & why to hit the putt.

  • The Green Book is a Pro Book used in Ryder Cups, The Olympics and other pro events
  • See the slopes and breaks
  • Syncs with The Green Zone to provide the exact hole location daily
Video Keepsake of Round

How to get players returning to your course, provide a great experience. Now with the Caddie Zone you’ll be able to provide the player a memorable experience that he will be able to share with friends.

  • Provides the player with a TV-style Broadcast of individual shots during the round to share on Social Media
  • Provides the player with a TV-style Broadcast of their complete round which they will be able to show & share with friends