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GPS vs Laser

Blair O’Neal explains the differences between GPS vs Laser rangefinders and DPP Golf.

Golf GPS devices and laser rangefinders offer players many benefits. One of the key benefits is helping the player get their yardages down for the clubs they use.

But with GPS front, center and back just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the hole locations. Some GPS devices show the location but did you know the accuracy is within 15 feet? So you may be looking at a picture on the screen showing you the pin location is X but it’s within 15 feet of X.

Laser Rangefinders are great, but even though you may have a clear line to the pin and your pressing the laser button multiple times. Your end result in those cases is within 3 feet, that’s right it’s not exact. Then what about the times you can’t see the pin?

DPP Golf gives you 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. DPP givesthe exact hole location on every green.

If your course isn’t using DPP, what are you shooting at?

GPS vs Laser