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GPS  vs.  Laser  vs.  DPP

GPS vs Laser


We’re using devices to get a more accurate distance when we hit the ball, why not get the most accurate distance to the most important place on the course?
When you’re approaching the green GPS provides accuracy within 15 feet of the front, centre and back. It does not give you distance to the pin, it does not tell you where the pin is located.


When you can see the pin, Laser devices will provide accuracy within 3 feet. Not bad, it’s not 100% accurate but I’m sure another 3 feet added to your putt is no problem. The times you can not see the pin, Laser will provide 0% accuracy. Laser devices will not show the actual location of the pin, how much space from the left or the right edge before going off the green.


DPP provides 100% accuracy 100% of the time. Daily you will receive 100% accurate pin locations, accurate distances to the “pin” and how far you have from the right or left edge. Would you rather receive a distance within 15 feet of the front, centre and back, a distance within 3 feet of the pin when you can actually see it or the exact pin location for all 18 holes every day?

Pin Sheet - DPP Golf 5

How to Read a Golf Pin Sheet

DPP Golf Pin Sheets show you the exact location of the pin. The hole number is in the upper left corner,  the upper right is the depth of the green measured in yards. You will see a red line on the front, this is showing you where the depth measurement begins.

The number in the bottom left shows you the number of yards from the center of the Green. A plus number means the number of yards past the center and a negative number means the number of yards before the center.

For the pin sheet the numbers in the bottom right are the most important. The first number shows you how many yards from the front of the green. The second number shows you how many yards from the left edge or right edge going towards the center.

The DPP golf pin sheet gives you the exact hole location on every green.

If your course isn’t using DPP, what are you shooting at?

Daily Pin Sheets

With DPP Pin Placement Software you will receive 100% accurate pin locations for all 18 holes and you will receive them daily. Knowing the exact location instead of an approximate area will lead to better shots closer to the pin, less putts and better scores. Our golf pin sheets are more accurate than GPS and even Laser, whether the difference is 3 feet or 3 yards with those devices, DPP will always give you 100% accurate pin positions.

Tournament Pin Sheets

Branded with the logo of the event, pin positions have been reserved to make sure the area of the greens are in excellent condition. Depending on the quality of players the hole positions may be easy or more difficult, easily determined by your Golf Superintendent. When entering a tournament or event you select the dates, choose the course (if you have more than one on property) and then you’re able to select the holes in advance.

Golf Pin Sheets Benefit Everyone

Beginner or Pro, the DPP Pin Sheets will help benefit all players. The low handicap players will be able to shoot directly at the pin or make the closest strategic shot based on their knowledge of the exact pin position. The higher handicap players will see the areas of the green that will allow for safer shots to get as close to the pin as possible but eliminating some risk. Everyone will know the exact location of the pins for all 18 holes, valuable information.

Shoot Lower Scores

Pin Placement software with pin sheets equal lower scores

Accurate Pin Locations

While the DPP Pin Sheet may look good, it’s actually packed with accurate information. Using GPS or Laser devices are beneficial but when you hit a shot and it’s off because neither of these devices are 100% accurate then it adds to your score. With DPP Pin Sheets you get 100% pin positions, 100% of the time.

Closer to the pin more often

If your GPS device is giving you information within 15 feet of the pin and your Laser can give you within 3 feet, how will you not hit closer shots with DPP’s 100% accurate pin sheets?

Better Conditioned Greens

The DPP Pin Placement Software allows your Golf Course Superintendents to protect areas of the green when needed. The software also shows them the previous pin locations when they are determining the current pin position, this allows them to make sure the previous hole areas receive enough time to recuperate. This allows your Superintendent to give you better putting surfaces daily.

Faster Play

Pin sheets equal faster play

Everyone knows where to hit

Your approach shot is going to be more accurate because you will know the exact location of the pin. Seeing the location on the Pin Sheet gives you the knowledge of the risks and rewards when you’re deciding on your approach shot. No need to try to ser the pin, you already have the exact location.

Accurate Distances to the Pin

DPP Pin Sheets are 100% accurate, 100% of the time so you’ll know the exact location of the pin for all 18 holes. Knowing the pin is located 23 yards from the front and 6 yards from the left edge will give you more accurate shots over 18 holes than thinking it’s 22 to 24 from the front and 4-6 from the edge.

No Devices on the Green

DPP Golf does not encourage or provide any benefit to having a device on the green. The last thing you want when you watch a player try to Laser the pin over and over is for them to take out a device on the green to help. The pin is right in front of you, part of the game is reading the greens!

More Hole Locations

DPP Golf pin sheets equal better conditioned greens

Variety of Pin Placements

The course superintendents know their greens better than anyone and better than any computer telling them what to do. The DPP Software is designed for the superintendents. We make their job easier when it comes to pin placements and taking care of the greens. Being able to track past hole locations and showing potential options will allow the superintendents to offer more pin placements.

Favorite Hole Locations

Your Course Superintendent has the ability to place favorite hole locations more throughout the rotation. Our software allows your superintendent to track multiple things including favorite hole locations. Different conditions call for different pin placements so we give your superintendents options. These options begin with the favorite holes based on the current conditions.

Variety of Pin Placements cont..

With more hole locations available for every green it will give you, the player, a variety of pin locations. This gives you a different playing experience every day, you might not see the same hole location for three weeks. As a result, with more locations you also benefit with better conditioned greens.

Less than the cost of a single Pro-V1 per member

pin sheet software

University Courses

At DPP Golf we want to contribute to supporting the game. Any courses used for University Golf will receive a discount on our regular pricing, please contact for details.

Your Club pays a reasonable fee

Our pricing will not generate large increases in membership dues because of our Software. If your annual dues goes up more than the cost of one Pro-V1, from the average Pro Shop, then we will reimburse our fees to get that number below the cost of that Pro-V1.

Courses Supporting Jr. Golf

At DPP Golf we want to contribute to supporting the game. Any courses supporting Junior Golf will receive a discount on our regular pricing. Contact for details.

Tell your course about DPP and how easy it is to provide Pin Sheets every day