Course Preview

The ability to preview your course before playing it.

  • Select your clubs for each hole with A.I. Caddie
  • Make informed decisions on your tee shots and on approach
  • Clubs signed up with the Premium DPP System offer The Green Book
  • View your projected shots
Select Clubs

Syncs with The Player App to automatically offer you club suggestions with A.I. Caddie based on how you hit your clubs.

  • Scroll to the projected landing area, A.I. Caddie will recommend a club
  • Use the recommended club or make the decision to change it
  • Once you select your tee shot, then choose your approach club
  • Visually see the projected results based on your decisions
Plan your Strategy

Don’t just go to the furthest spot, actually plan your strategy for each hole.

  • See your previous shots on each hole, where do you tend to land
  • Clubs are recommended but you make the final decision
  • Do you have a tendency to draw? Maybe play it safe and avoid the water
  • Plan your tee shot, approach shot and even where to land the ball if your Club is using the Premium DPP System
  • Whatever choices you make they will sync with your app and be ready to go the next time you play that course
Syncs with The Player App

The Player App syncs with the course prep providing the relevant information.

  • To give you more accurate club distances & projected results
  • Providing all of your previous shot results on each hole
  • A.I Caddie recommendations become more accurate the more you play
Watch your projected results

After making your club choices on each hole hit play and watch how your projected shots play.

  • Watch each shot as projected