Green Scans
  • Millimetre accurate 3D laser scans can deliver a truly professional grade solution
  • Scans used for The Green Book, The Golf Hub and Green Zone Premium
Course Survey

The foundation on which the cleregolfHUB is built stems back to superior data capture through technology and know how. Between them, our surveyors have travelled across the globe surveying courses ahead of Ryder Cups and Major Championships – nothing happens by chance. We combine:

  • 3D laser scanning to precisely capture every aspect of the putting surface
  • High precision GPS and walk every step of the course leaving nothing to chance from sprinkler tagging to temporary structures
  • State-of-the-art Drones to scan surface areas and record sub metre accurate, present-day photographic surveys
  • Unleash the full capabilities of cleregolfHUB with a drone flight
The Green Book


The Green Book was introduced to the world of professional golf at the Scottish Open in July 2015. Ricky Fowler used the book to win the tournament and 6 of the top 10 players were using the Green Book.

At our second European Tour event we provided books for Danny Willet and Mathew Fitzpatrick who finished 1st and 2nd respectively at the Omega European Masters. We have since provided books for the winners of 5 further events on the European Tour including Thomas Peiters (two wins), Thor Bjorn Ollesen, David Horsey and of course Mathew Fitzpatrick at the British Masters.


The book is made using laser and GPS survey data which enables us to model the green surface to 1/2 millimetre accuracy. We then use our specialist Clere software which turns the GPS survey data and 3D model into drawings designed to help golfers understand the green and surrounding area.

Clere Golf Hub
course manager – remote measuring & planning

With sub 10cm accuracy across your entire course at your finger tips from any web enabled desktop or mobile device you can measure distance and area from home or office as precisely as you could on the course.

  • Accurately plan new tee or bunker construction by creating the features inside the HUB before measuring hole lengths, and driving distances to / from them.
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of all sprinkler heads including it’s GPS location, manufacturer and head type
  • Use your GPS enabled device to locate hard to find sprinkler heads when on the course
  • Know the precise distance from every sprinkler to the front/middle/back of every green. Ideal when ordering and installing distance tags
  • With A4 and A3 ‘long hole view’ print capabilities you can take hard hole layouts on-course for manual checks or use your GPS device when carrying out routine maintenance