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Golf Pin Placement Software

The golf pin placement software makes life easier for the golf course superintendent. You remain in full control but we help you track all the relevant information. As a result of displaying all the information graphically it makes it easier to process. Scanning is not required, however, we can scan your greens if you would prefer (call for quote). We can implement previous scans into our software.

GPS Device & Software

Our GPS Device will take your hole cutter to the exact position on every green saving you tons of time. You can also use the device and select your pin positions while on the green syncing with the software.

Sample Pro Pin Sheets

DPP Golf pro pin sheets are designed by professional artists, something you will be proud to give to members. These pin sheets are generated automatically daily with our golf pin placement software.

Daily Pin Placement Software

  • Select pin locations with a click

  • Quarantine Areas

  • Protect hole locations for upcoming events

  • More hole locations used

  • Pro pin sheets by professional artists

  • More print options than you can imagine

  • Better communication all around

  • Save time while getting more done

  • 24/7 Support

  • Better conditioned greens

  • Set rotation of previous pin positions

  • You are in complete control

DPP Golf has developed a golf pin placement software taking into consideration the complete pin placement process. Our objective is to make life easier for the golf course superintendent and their team. Our golf pin placement software shows all the information graphically making it easier to process and make decisions quicker.

Quarantine certain holes for more recovery time.  As a result, this will prevent holes in the areas from being selected and your greens get the time they need to recover. Past hole positions are automatically protected and you have full control of setting the time for recovery. Also, you’ll be able to see future hole locations for upcoming events so you’re able to protect those areas.

End Result

As a result of using our golf pin placement software you’ll save time, find the process easier, have better conditioned greens and you’ll be in full control of your pin placements.

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Golf Pin Placement Software – Player Benefits

The golf pin placement software provides many benefits to the players including daily golf pin sheets by professional artists. So when members know where the pin positions are for every green they will hit better shots and play faster. Our golf pin placement software will also create more hole locations giving the players more variety. As a result of more hole locations being used you will end up with better conditioned greens and players will score lower with better shots into the greens. So this will mean less putts because of better conditioned greens.

Our golf pin sheets are more accurate than GPS and even Laser, whether the difference is 3 feet or 3 yards with those devices. DPP will always give you 100% accurate pin positions.

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DPP Golf Pin Placement Software

initial setup $2999 per course
all prices in USD

Pin Placement Software Annually

$1999annually per course
  • One Year Paid upfront


DPP Golf offers a GPS Device with our Premium Offering. So don’t be fooled by claims of GPS within 3 feet, it’s not possible without the proper equipment. But we offer the same technology as Shotlink giving you accuracy within +/- 2cm, yes with the right equipment it’s possible.

Select your pin positions for the day using our software and the GPS device will take your hole cutter to the exact position on every green. So you’re able to select/change pin positions while you’re on the green and then update the changes in our software. As a result of using our GPS device along with our software you’ll save hours.

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Premium Offering

GPS Device & Software