Live Broadcast & Replay

Auto-generated TV Style Broadcast

  • Record your shots using The Player App
  • You will receive both individual shots and an overall broadcast of your round
  • No editing required
Pro course prep

Prepare before your round

  • Preview each hole and set your strategy
  • Choose your clubs for each shot
  • Syncs with The Player App
Apple Watch

Making it easier with your option to use multiple devices

  • The Player App syncs with Apple Watch
  • Start the recording on your phone or Cart App
  • GPS Yardages, Select Club
  • Use the watch alone without recording shots
Golf Cart GPS

The Cart GPS syncs with The Player App

  • Tap your phone to the Cart GPS
  • All of your data syncs providing the Cart GPS with the relevant info
  • Club distances sync with Cart GPS AI Caddie
  • Record shots from your phone or the Cart GPS
  • Your scores sync with The Player App and are saved in your database
Social Media Sharing

Share with music

  • All recordings will be available to share in an auto-generated TV-style broadcast
  • Select your genre
  • Share individual shots with music
  • Share a complete hole or your entire broadcast
Caddie Zone

Caddie Zone syncs with The Player App. Courses using the DPP System will allow caddie’s to receive your information on the Caddie App.

  • Tap to sync The Player App with the Caddie Zone
  • All of your Player info will be made available to the Caddie
  • The Caddie will be able to recommend shots based on your previous performances
  • The Caddie will be able to record your shots and all of the info goes to your database

For courses using the DPP System
The Green Book will provide the player with all the breaks in the green

  • Prepare your approach with the best landing spot
  • See detailed break lines showing you how the ball will break
  • This is PRO quality information from scans of the greens providing more accurate information than what the satellite information provides
Approach Shot

Available without The Green Book

  • While not as accurate as The Green Book it does provide useful information for your approach shots
  • Shows slopes on and around the green

Helps you with real distances for your clubs

  • The AI Caddie will analyze your previous shots with each club
  • Factoring in different conditions, mis-hits, etc.
  • Provides you with a suggested club for each shot
  • The more you play the better the AI Caddie will be
TV Style Stats

See your stats in a TV Style Format

  • Stats from all your shots for each hole
  • See where your ball usually lands on each hole and adjust accordingly
  • Add the overlay when viewing the hole